More than a clinic...

A Paradigm Shift

We are a not-for-profit organization focused on maximizing the human potential of Mexico's most vulnerable populations through community cooperation in the areas of healthcare, education, research, socio-economic and cultural development.


Our vision is to be an integrative model of community health; one that promotes the value of each life, honors diversity, and supports the latent potential of traditional indigenous knowledge to achieve a society with quality health care and development through economic, social, cultural and sustainable means.


Clinica Integral Almas is dedicated to systemic change 


rural communities of Northwest, Mexico. We do this by providing services that work towards addressing family health through education, nutritional family counseling, cooking classes, local food gardens, leadership and youth development, markets with healthy food alternatives, exercise programs in communities, and advocating to local government the need for action. We believe that with community involvement, access to healthy foods, and family participation in education, the prevalence of non-transmissible diseases such as type 2 diabetes can be reduced.Clinica Integral Almas is focused on supporting the availability of nutritious, culturally-appropriate foods, and nutrition education in order to help stop childhood obesity and malnutrition. By increasing the availability of education, exercise classes, and creating alternatives to junk food it will be possible to combat the growth of non-transmissible diseases such as diabetes 2. s, and increaClinica Almas de Salud is dedicated to helping address these needs and other in order to contribute to a healthier generation in underserved areas.

#1 in Childhood Obesity

Mexico's Challenge

Mexico's Institute for the Public reports that the number of obese children increased from 18.4% in 1999 to 26.2% in 2006. Obese children are twice as likely as non obese children to become obese adults.


According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 69.5% of the Mexican population (15 & older) is overweight or obese. Mexico currently surpasses the US as the country with the most obese and overweight people.


Obesity leads to many non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, Diabetes 2 related illnesses are the leading cause of death.  And Mexico's already taxed health system will need to improve in order to handle this unprecedented increase. 

Sonora's Most Vulnerable 

Los Indígenas

Northwest Mexico is home to a diverse population with traditional territories of 12 Native communities living among deserts, ocean, and mountains. The Tribes of Seri, Mayo, Yoeme, and Guarajillo make up the majority.


Traditional food and land rights are interconnected to create healthy communities. Diets are changing dramatically as people move away from their local communities, social networks change, and the price of food escalates. Soda is cheaper than water in many rural towns and the availability of healthy, nutritious food is declining in lieu of cheap snack food alternatives. Educational and health resources are fewer in these rural areas where governmental assistance is irregular.


Clínica Integral Almas is dedicated to helping address these needs and other in order to contribute to a healthier generation in underserved areas.